Snax vending machines are extremely useful in any location but are particularly valuable in the workplace. Whether you are a small enterprise or a large corporate entity, Snax vending machines are always popular and can even improve business.


Rather than having to leave the workplace for lunch or a snack having the convenience of a Snax vending machine means that employees can satisfy their hunger pangs whilst remaining onsite.


Snax Vending provides services in the Belfast and Greater Belfast area.


We take pride in our excellent service record and “customer first” approach. 

At Snax Vending we carry all the leading brands of confectionery, drinks and snacks and can easily meet the requirements of any contract. The size of our business supports a sales volume which ensures a constant turnover of stock guaranteeing product freshness. 
Our vending machines are fully managed by us, we will restock and maintain the machines on a regular basis ensuring a full availability of snacks at all times
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