We offer a full range of vending services

The machines come with a wide variety of options in terms of snacks and drinks including chocolate, food, confectionary, nuts, snacks and crisps.

Being able to lease the machines from us gives you the opportunity to avail of the service without any significant investment or financial commitments.

As more and more people are using cashless and mobile payment methods, we have taken the initiative and now offer a cashless vending service. We can process numerous card options.
The ability to offer cashless vending has definitely shown an increase in sales across our sites as customers find the service more convenient.

Service Backup


Each machine displays contact details to call, text or email in the event of any issues. We will respond to an out of order machine on the same day as reported if reported before 2 pm, for faults reported after 2 pm we will respond by 11 am the following day. 

As we have our own engineer and carry a supply of parts we generally have the machine back in operation on that first visit. Should there be an occasion when a part has to be delivered we will communicate with the contact on site as to when full service will be resumed. 


Should customers have any issues with jammed or lost coins etc. they will also be able to contact us via these details. We will then make arrangement for any refunds on our next visit. 


As part of our service, we have in place a planned maintenance programme for our machines. Full service is carried out at a frequency recommended by our suppliers for each machine and a filter change for hot beverage machines. 


In addition, our merchandisers carry a “clean kit” so machines are left not only fully stocked but in a clean and presentable state after each visit as is the area around the machine and any waste packaging removed.